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Wow! It's a new year! Happy 2017! I hope you had an amazing Christmas and enjoyed some time off! Whether you are a classroom teacher or a homeschool mom, I know you work soooo hard, and you definitely deserve a break once in awhile! Getting back in the swing of things after Christmas vacation can be a little rough. A great read aloud with some fun activities can help us ease back into things :)

I hope you and your kiddos enjoyed last month's read aloud and FREE printable for Click, Clack, Ho! Ho! Ho! If you missed last month's post, no worries! You can grab it right HERE!

If you are new to Pages Of Grace, let me fill you in :) I LOVE incorporating holiday and seasonal fun with math & ELA! It can be so hard to meet all of the standards each day, let alone have time for holiday and seasonal activities. That's why I create learning activities that do both! If you would love to incorporate more holiday and seasonal fun without sacrificing valuable learning time, be sure to sign up for my VIP email list to receive ideas and exclusive FREE resources with each new season.

January brings snow in lots of places, so what better time to read Snowmen at Night than now?! If you don't live in a place where it snows, you'll have to use your imagination ;) Snowmen at Night is one of our favorite winter books! There are so many ways to use this book with our students. Here are two of my favorite Snowmen at Night activities.

1. Reader's Theater

Snowmen at Night is a great book for Reader's Theater! My students always had a blast doing this! It's a great way to get students moving and also provides great practice speaking in front of others in a non stressful way. Depending on the number of students in your class, give each student a line or two. Then each student will come up with some kind of action to do while reading the line.

For example: "After everyone has had a chance at racing once or twice, they go on over to the pond to do skating tricks on ice." The student might say this line while pretending like he is ice skating.

When everyone has memorized the lines and actions, the students line up in the order of the book. One by one, each student performs his/her line and action. If you have a buddy class or any other class available, it's fun for the students to perform the reader's theater for other students :)

2. What my Snowman Does at Night

Use this FREE template for a fun craftivity!

This craftivity is a fun way to incorporate writing with a little winter craft :) After reading the book, talk about all of the silly things that the snowmen did at night. Then have students do a think-pair-share, where they think about an idea and then talk about it with a partner. Students will imagine that they made a snowman and come up with something silly that their snowman did at night.

Students will then use this template to write about their snowmen. There are a variety of pieces to choose from to decorate the snowmen. You can give each student a whole set and let them choose, or you can print a few of each and have them take turns choosing pieces.

If you do a reader's theater or this craftivity with your students, I would love to hear about it! Please come back to my website, and leave a comment telling me how it went :)

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This is what the January game looks like :)

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